apex data loader 15 missing lexiloader code

  • mark fleischmann


    I was trying to compile version 15 of the apex data loader and I get all kinds of errors in eclipse. There are references to com.salesforce.lexiloader and there is no com.salesforce.lexiloader in the source code. Also there are some packages like com.salesforce.dataloader.config.Config.java that declare the package to be com.salesforce.lexiloader.config. I was able to successfully compile previous versions of the dataloader; what is happening here?


    • trublu

      trublu - 2009-05-11

      I am having the same problem. There is nothing in the lib folder except a couple of dll files.

      Could you tell me if you get it resolved please? Looks like the last updated date of the data loader download is still Mar 2009...

      Thank you, Mark. Please advise.


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