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spent my holidays outside

Hi sf-genericinst,

I will drive into a 14 days vacation from 25.08.2001 (04:00 after midnight) to 10.09.2001 and will not have internet access nor can read possibly the reactions of yours and others. But I will read the last messages before I hop into the car and leave ...

I hope that the other members at sf-genericinst can help you all with your questions.


Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-08-24

beta state development release 066 is out !

We have a new Release that can setup the cronjobs correctly and we give a new menue point on make setup called Run_Cronjobs_One_Time that can run the cronjobs from the production places. We do this step also in the Do_Full_Setup_in_One_Step.

We fixed several little bugs.

This is called the first BETA Release. We are quite close (5-6 Weeks, because I'm on vacation) for a stable release. The only problem is that in the SF code itself are some bugs that we must find and fix.... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-08-16

development release 065 is out

Hi all,

many bugfixes, protab work and at last the completion of the configuration system is done in this new development release.

This is the first version that can be configured and setup and leads to a working SF WebSite part.

Now all config files (sf-genericinst/conf) are changed in the make setup step to contain the values from the questions in the make config step. And we copy to config files to the production pathes and the tests show us a working WebSite part.... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-08-10

documentation update of the homepage

We updated the sf-genercinst documentation with help of SF friends. Please have a look into the work in progress at



Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-08-02

Development Release 061 is out

The local.inc parse error is fixed. Please developers have a look at local.inc if it is copied over to /etc/local.inc and includes the header that loads the configuration include files !

The database setup is fixed. Now all Data is in it. We can give the complete WebSite a test cycle.

I had tonight problems cvs committing my changes. A left around #cvs.lock file of a possibly died cvs process locks my out of committing changes. I opend a Support request to SF asking for deletion of the #cvs.lock file. In the meanwihle please grap the 061 development files release.... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-07-19

UPDATE INFORMATION: anonymous cvs access fixed / new desc.

UPDATE INFORMATION: anonymous cvs access to 060 development version of sf-genericinst fixed and new documented (18.07.2001):


there was a configuration problem with anonymous pserver cvs access. Now you can access the CVS development version in doing these command:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sf-genericinst.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/sf-genericinst login
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sf-genericinst.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/sf-genericinst checkout development/060/sf-genericinst... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-07-18

Development Release 060 is out

This is a new development release.

I seek for developers who are willing to join forces and try to finish this development.

You can get the lastes CVS Version of this by doing:

cvs co anonymous@cvs.sf-genericinst.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/sf-genericinst/development/060/sf-genericinst

This development version needs:

  1. fixing the Database setup:

We do not use anymore user_id and group_id so we must
select the user_name and group_name and fill with this
information the user_groups table.... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-07-18

Release 030 with CONFIG used

Hi all,

today i done a complete overwork of the config/setup schema. Now we use the created config files CONFIG, CONFIG_PERL, CONFIG_PHP. They are created on make config.

The only real open part for complete configurable setup is the questionary for all values and the replacement of all programm calles with SF_PRG_ calles in all php, bash and perl scripts.

For now you have to modify in

sf-genericinst/scripts/setup/data/Makefile_global_variables_defaults... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-03-13

New release 027 out with user_metric0

Hi all,

the make setup now makes a database backup/dump if the database exists before droping the database.

And the calculate_user_metrics.php can now running because I added a new program scripts/setup/recalc_user_metric0.sh that takes the user of the new added SEED group as trusted users for user ranking/rating.

All this is now setup if you ran make setup.

The recalc_users_metric0.sh script you should ran if you add a new users to the new SEED group. ... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-03-11

New Release 025 with working artifact manager !

Hi all,

in this new 025 release I have began to devide the package dcomentation into seperate folders. Also there are two way in installation: 1. complete install all packages yourself. This covers my documentation today. 2. Test waht version of packages are installed and try to fogure out how we can put those version to work with Sourceforge. This is today not covered. I have began to add test scripts to find out those things. This is ALPHA code. So I deactivated this in the Makefile. If someone wants to try you can do a... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-03-07

Release 020 is out with best fill_db.sh !

Hi all,

              now I have the best fill_db.sh script that really setup the database right with hopfully all patches included that all of you show me.

              Further more the sf-genericinst contains now a working version of the alexandria sources because there was a long period where the CVS version was broken.


              If you try to register a new project you get on step 4 an database error: ... [read more](/p/sf-genericinst/news/2001/03/release-020-is-out-with-best-filldbsh-/)
Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-03-01

New 017 Release is out !

This release has many changes and modifications. To mention is the
now fully working setup of the database tables with the script

cd sf-genericinst
make setup

will setup the complete initial database with the SUPER ADMIN


To do this was much work needed to transform the SF database files without real modifing the files in place. The story is that no one at sourcforge has ever taken the long way in setting up a complewte and empty new SourceForge Site a second time. This fill_db.sh script can do this.... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-02-20

New Release with better Database setup

We have now a better Database setup of the needed
SF structures and default values. Please follow the documentation .

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-02-07

New release with good make setup

We have now a working make setup that creates us a basic
startpoint before we install all other thirdparty programs that
we need. We are still at 50% finished, because the work is
more complicated and more timeconsuming to get the backend sources cleaned and adapted to our file layout. Sorry for that. We now work on the latest CVS changes from alexandria. But no problem found with the changes from Sourceforge Team.... read more

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-01-12

New Release with backendpart finished up to 50%

We have now many backend services running. But a big part is left because we must adapt all the cronjob scripts.

We have Database access for perl and Python, so we hope that this task is not so complicated as it looks like today.

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-01-10

New update with fixed bug released

We found if ! We fixed it !

What ? The sfcache directory need to be setup.


Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-01-04

Updated Package is released

We have got to a point that the WebSite is working. Only a bug in the main page of the sourceforge installation remains. But all other website tools seems to work.

Todo: We have now to concentrate on the backend to get working: DNS, CVS, CVSWEB, MAILMAN, fileforge, etc.

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-01-03

CVS is now working for sf-genericinst

See the adsl project cvs tree working now.

Posted by Frank Schulte 2001-01-03

Up and running but SF is not working ...

Hi all !

We are up and running but SF don't let us use the cvs not shell server. We must wait until theire gone through the list of 300 open support requests I saw today.


Posted by Frank Schulte 2000-12-30