JVM Crash 30 char passw. rar archive

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    If I try to open a rar archive with a password longer than 28 chars, the JVM crashes.
    This occures for Linux and Windows (Mac not tested).

    Testcase: http://pastebin.com/E6hgsP9t
    TestArchive: http://installer.jdownloader.org/putty062.rar   
    Password: 123456789012345678901234567890

    Any Ideas?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Boris Brodski

    Boris Brodski - 2012-03-29

    Hello Coalado,

    thank you very much for the bug report.
    (At least, at looks like that)

    I will look into it and get back to you
    as soon as possible.

    Best regards,

    I think, it is a good idea to communicate over this forum rather over the e-mail.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I think so, too.

    For p7zip, we tracked down the problem to Sha1.cpp method updateRar  - size is bigger than the password buffer.

  • Boris Brodski

    Boris Brodski - 2012-04-01

    Thank you very much!

    I will test it and release the new version as quick as I can.


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