Terminate called after throwing an instance of int

  • Armando Moreno

    Armando Moreno - 2013-08-28

    Hi everyone. I´m using 7Zip jBinding lib for a java web proyect. It works well in my local machine(Running Windows), and also in the development server(Running Linux) it works perfectly. When i try to deploy it in the production server(Running Linux Red Hat) it throws an "Terminate called after throwing an instance of int" error and takes Tomcat down. What could be happening??

    Thanks in advance.

    Update. The issue comes when i call the SevenZip.openInArchive(null, // autodetect archive type
    new RandomAccessFileInStream(randomAccessFile));

    Last edit: Armando Moreno 2013-08-28
  • Boris Brodski

    Boris Brodski - 2013-08-30

    Hello Armando,

    Thank you for reporting an issue. I never heard of this kind of problems before. Could you please provide following information about your production environment:

    • Exact linux distribution/version?
    • 32bit / 64 bit?
    • JVM?
    • JVM 32bit / 64 bit?
    • JBinding version?

    Could you please try the p7zip console utility (v4.65). Does it work with your archives?

    Do you get this error on the first call or after some time?

    Do you get this error with all kind of archives (varying in size, format) or not?

    Did you tried to use other JVM?

    Do you have a clue, how I can reproduce the problem?

    Sorry for so many questions. It's just so many possibilities, what can (theoretically) go wrong.

    Kind regards,
    Boris Brodski


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