decompress .taz File with 7-Zip-JBinding

  • khaled

    khaled - 2013-06-14

    I'm using 7-Zip-Jbinding to decompress a .taz file. I'm using function "ExtractItemsStandard" to extract items from my archive then when i run my program it return that inArchive.getProperty(index, PropID.PATH)) is null
    Any help is welcome.

  • Boris Brodski

    Boris Brodski - 2013-06-14


    it seams, that you have a '.tar.gz' archive - archive, that compressed with tar and then with gzip. If you open such archive with 7-Zip-JBinding, you see only outer archive (gzip). Gzip is a stream archive, that doesn't store the name of the file inside. This is why inArchive.getProperty(index, PropID.PATH)) returns null. You have to extract this Gzip archive first and then open the result again. This will be TAR archive, that saves a lot of information about files stored.

    It is unfortunately not supported to open outer and inner archive together. Neither by 7-Zip nor by 7-Zip-JBinding.



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