#779 Convert zip to 7z


It would be nice to have in the context menu a direct option to convert a zip (or another compressed archive) into 7z format.
I have been converting many zip files into 7z format due to its higher compression ratio.


  • nobody

    nobody - 2008-09-11

    a really simple way to do this would be to create a context menu option that extracts the zip or archive temporarily and then compresses to 7zip as usual

  • Jochen

    Jochen - 2008-09-13

    It's a topic since over 4 years but has not been taken into account. I would appreciate this feature, too! I store all my files as 7z most of the time it has the best compression ratio and can be used on all of my OS platforms.
    At the beginning I started to convert about 150GB of files from ACE into 7z. As 7z does not support ACE it was a little different situation as right now. I solved the problem by invoke a little bash script under cygwin.

    But nowdays I get zip files which I want to convert into 7z. It is annoying to extract it, pack it, move it and delete the original as well as the temp unpacked stuff.

    Please implement a context menu which allows to convert arbitrarily archive into 7z (or another format defined in the option menu).

  • Aecio F. Neto

    Aecio F. Neto - 2008-09-13

    I dont know if this will get to any point, since we have feature requests since 2003. They are all not assigned or managed in any way.
    Since I just add this request now in this project, I have no idea if this is a collect space for 7zip guys only and many features listed are already done. Have no clue...

    Instead of just keep on point out things, I can help with some piece of code if needed and contribute.

    Just my 2 cents here, now.

  • Cobra

    Cobra - 2013-06-13

    I need this too damn it

    7z is open source, so is there not a derivative project of 7zip out there? it's been too long we've been complaining about the lack of functionality in 7z, especially compared to winrar, we've been ignored and I don't see why this would change, it's time to look for the competition guys don't you think?


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