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#1115 User interface tweak "Browse..." instead of "..."

Alan Horkan

In various places (such as the Move and Copy dialogs) 7-zip uses a button labelled "..." which is the same as the button Microsoft normally labels as "Browse..." and I would appreciate if this could be changed in 7-zip to use "Browse..."

It would be great if you could make this small and hopefully simple change to make the user inteface 7-zip just a little bit more consistent with other windows applications. Thanks in advance.

[Mainly I like consistency, but maybe there was some idea in the past that this change was better or easier somehow.
I can understand the desire to make things simpler for translators but since this is a very simple button that is nearly as widely used as OK or Cancel, I do think it would be fairly easy for translators and something they would very likely already know how to do without too much trouble.
I can understand you might think a smaller button looks better but a slightly bigger button with a label is a fraction of a second easier to recognise and marginally easier to hit.
Also the label should probably be "_Browse..." with a keyboard accelerator under the B, keyboard navigation can be very helpful too.]


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