How do I uninstall 7-Zip?

  • Spock

    Spock - 2005-05-20

    I have tried to uninstall 7-zip using normal methods, i.e., the uninstall option in the Control Panel but have been unable to remove it so far.

    Is there anyone that can tell me how to get it off my system? I really only installed it to see what all the hype was about not realizing that I wouldn't be able to remove it.

    The program isn't bad, just not what I'm used to.

    • krmathis

      krmathis - 2005-05-20

      Delete the 7-Zip installation directory and the shortcuts pointing to it.
      Or possibly a reinstall, then uninstall works?

      • Spock

        Spock - 2005-05-20

        I try to never just delete something, especially if I don't know much about it. 7-Zip has an uninstall option on the control panel that should work but doesn't.

        Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\WINDOWS\INF\7-zip.inf,SevenZip.Uninstall

        • Spock

          Spock - 2005-05-27

          "rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\WINDOWS\INF\7-zip.inf,SevenZip.Uninstall"

          Tried various combinations but nothing worked. Looked at 7-zip.inf and found it was empty, so reinstalled the entire package.

          This time, for some reason, it uninstalled properly.

          I'm using WinXP Home SP2. I wonder if there is possibly some incompatability between the two?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      "Does anyone else have any other suggestions?"
      NOT MANY.

      1. You kick it out.
      2. You don't kick it out and keep it.
      3. You call an expert, pay him some 100 $ / Euro, and let
      . .  him do the work.
      4. You eradicate your M$ XP and use a better OS.
      5. You stop using PC.

      "I try to never just delete something, especially if I don't know much about it."

      YES. This is the reason why no HD and no archive size
      limit is big enough. :D

      • Spock

        Spock - 2005-05-21

        Thanks for your oh so helpful suggestions. I guess I will just have to go through the pain of deleting it and then cleaning the registry of as much of it as I can find.

        I should have known better than to try to get a helpful answer but one can always hope.


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