7zip does not accept the new temp folder

  • Rado

    Rado - 2013-11-15

    I have the latest official version from the website (9.20 64-bit). Since moving large files from C to another drive is very slow I decided to change 7zip's temp folder to "E:\7zip Temp" but it doesn't use it.
    Here's a screenshot of the settings:
    And yet, when unpacking large archives:
    Have a closer look on the last pic and you'll see it reads "C:\Users.....\7zblabla.tmp" which means 7zip is still using the system temp folder instead of the one I've set.

  • Dennis McGrath

    Dennis McGrath - 2013-11-26

    I am having a similar issue.
    The extract option always brings up the folder the zip is in, not the folder I have specified. I have the removable drives checkbox unchecked.


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