Farid MEHCER - 2014-04-06

After browsing for several hours on the subject, I know all about command lines and batch files to achieve compressing ALL the files in a folder as separate archives.
This is not what I am willing to do though. Everyday, I am in the situation where I have to select multiple (but not always ALL!) files in a folder and have them turned each into separate compressed archives.
Up to now, even though I would prefer the more efficent LZMA2 algo, I use WinRAR to achieve the above operation since I can't seem to find how to perform the same with 7zip. WinRAR even test each archive thus created before deleting the uncompressed original for me, but I won't ask THAT much here from 7zip, one problem at a time.
I don't know whether it would be possible to do this from a command-line (since more often than not the files I want to be compressed can't be grouped by their extension or any other logical criteria like this), and should it be possible, I don't believe it would be as quick, user-friendly and easy as merely selecting the files with the mouse then right-clicking one of them to select "Compress as separate archives" from the context-menu.

While browsing the forum in search for a solution, I was amused to read this 2011 post:
about EXTRACTING to separate folders.
The OP (admittedly not the most advanced user) was shocked not to be able to do such a basic action from the GUI in 7zip, and someone replied with mocking irony, pointing out that the feature was implemented years ago and it just needed the least bit of effort to find it.

Well, I believe the feature I'm talking about here (COMPRESSING -- instead of EXTRACTING -- as separate archives) is the logical opposite of the previous, and JUST as basic and immensely useful on a daily basis (google how to do it like I did and you'll realize how long and by how many people it has been looked after in 7zip! Try also searching for the word "separate" in this forum and you'll find many posts asking the same -- most of them being left unanswered BTW). As I said before, it is a breeze to do with WinRAR (which allows to create and manage compression profiles + have them appear in system context menu), and would be even better along with the stronger 7zip compression.
However, it seems nowhere to be found in the GUI and options (and unlike the OP in the aforementionned thread, I'm no beginner and I trust I've checked this thoroughly).

If anybody can point me towards a solution (I've looked into everything I could think about so far: 7zip frontends, alternative/customized versions, PowerArchiver -- PA allows to do what I want, using indeed LZMA2, and yet after A/B comparison the compression is still not quite as efficient as 7zip's --, I've also heard about a Total Commander alternative to achive this, but I'm already suing Directory Opus, which is more powerful so I'd be very reluctant to have to install TCommander)

I'd be tempted to quote the words from the thread I mentioned: "I don't see how 7zip has gotten as far as it has without this option!" as, honestly, the thought has crossed my mind (every single day for years!) and I don't reckon someone would come give me the same ironic answer stating how oblivious and incomptent I am seeing as that feature was there to use for years already. Actually I'd love this to happen. I doubt it somehow though.
But just in case: if anyone here has a/THE/any solution for this, PLEEASE help me!

Many thanks in advance for any person taking the time to answer this post.
-- Farid

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