warfall - 2014-01-21


currently using 7Zip 9.32 (64bits) on Windows 8.1 / 2012R2 and various Linux (RHEL, Suse, then 7Zip is 9.22 64bits), i have the following problem:

1/ i'm using a lot of 'virtual machines', resulting in many files over 40Gb after compression via 7Zip, and ending with nearly over 100Gb of daily manipulated files via 7Zip.

2/ i'm now using a SSD as system drive, this one not belonging to the 'pro' category, aka: it is rated for 40Gb writes per day for five years.

3/ When trying to set 7Zip's Temporary folder outside its Windows 'standard' location ( %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\7zO... ), and de-selecting the option "only for removable media", things doesn't work. In particular all 'tar' files (when reading the zipped file, Linux files always being "tar | 7z" processed) are extracted in the 'standard' location, and not in the specified temporary folder.

I hope that at this point i have succeed in showing that using 7Zip and a consumer brand SSD can lead to problem for the SSD's lifespan.

So my request for enhancement is: Please make 7Zip complying with its temporary folder option, ending with all temporary files written to the specified location.

I want to sum up by saying that i'm an happy user of 7Zip since at least 15 years, appreciating a lot the support of various platforms and relying on 7Zip encryption for privacy: so a lot of thanks Igor, but currently i can't see other choice than looking for either Winzip or Winrar.