Recursive option? Listing under cygwin?

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    1) What does this mean?
    -r- switch in command line now is default for all commands

    i cant get this switch to work... what's the real idea behind this switch ... can anyone post working command line with this switch

    2) Listing archive content under cygwin?
    it's not working correctly...
    7z.exe l *.tar for example wont show listing if there are more than one tar archive .... works ok if there is one though
    under dosbox its working in both cases...

    Thanks, bye

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's me again

      I think I got it... it's working only when files are passed aa parameters ... right?

      I would like to see this kind of switch which works for directories too ....


    • my space

      my space - 2005-05-17

      Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows.

      On Linux, the "*" is expanded by the shell before calling the  command whereas the dosbox does not modify the command.

      If you have 1.tar 2.tar in the current path, on cygwin
      7z.exe l *.tar
      is expanded to
      7z.exe l 1.tar 2.tar

      If you want the "dosbox" behaviour on cygwin use :
      7z.exe l "*.tar"

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i see, thanks

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yup i understand now, thanks...

      but again why?
      is doesnt show error message under cygwin then


      $ /c/Program\ Files/7-zip/7z.exe l *.zip

      Listing archive:

         Date      Time    Attr         Size   Compressed  Name
      ------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------
      ------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------
                                                           0 files

      7-Zip 4.17 beta  Copyright (c) 1999-2005 Igor Pavlov  2005-04-18

      similiar in dos (i guess)

      $ c:\progra~1\7-zip\7z.exe

      Incorrect command line

      • my space

        my space - 2005-05-18

        > $ c:\progra~1\7-zip\7z.exe

        No, in dos : 7z.exe l
        (remark the "l")

        This command try to display info about the file in the archive


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