7-Zip compression of larger files

  • Joe

    Joe - 2005-03-28

    I would like to know if 7-Zip compresses larger files small enough to send in an E-mail.  I have been using WinZip for some time and have noticed that larger files of around two megabytes do not compress very small.  Can anyone assist me?


    • callmeace rivers

      For any compression program, the amount of compression that will be achieved achieved (i.e. how much it shrinks your data), depends on the data to be compressed and the type of compression selected.
      Generally, files that are already quite compressed - like jpeg images, mp3 audio tracks, and mpeg videos etc etc, will not compress very much further if you zip them or 7z them. However, you will find that files that are not really already compressed, like text documents and bitmap pictures (bmp files) will be compressed quite well - often well over 50% smaller!
      So if you are going to be using 7-zip and compressing using 7z LZMA or ZIP deflate, then I suggest to get a bit more compression than perhaps you might have been, use the 'maximum' setting if you have not already in the options when you go to compress.
      But really, it depends on what kind of files you compress on how much you can expect them be shrunk


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