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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I was wondering if it is to possible to decompress all files to the temp folder and run the exe after that (like i could do this in winrar). Imagine situation - one setup.exe file and some DLLs - is then possible to decompress all files and run exe (from 7-zip).
    Thanks for help.

    • Ares

      Ares - 2005-02-15
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for a reply. I checked the file but I did not find solution for my problem. Maybe we did not understood each other clearly. Imagine, that I have an archive in for example ZIP format, which contains some files and one exe file (perhaps: setup.exe). The setup needs all the files in the archive to run clearly. Whein I double-click on the setup it gets decompressed to the temp folder but fails because it's missing the other files from archive. My question is, if it is possible to extract all files from that archive to the temp folder and run the setup. I hope that it is clear now.

    • Ares

      Ares - 2005-02-16

      Oh okay, I thought you wanted to make a self-extracting archive that would automatically extract all the files into a temp folder and run setup.exe, then delete the temp files when setup has completed.

      Sorry, but as far as I know, there is no feature to automatically extract into a temp folder and run a program in a normal (non-SFX) 7z/zip file.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for a reply, I think its a pity that 7-Zip cant do this, because for example winrar can. But perhaps in future.. I would also use some setting to force 7-Zip to make directory (to decompress to) if it does not exist.

    • Ares

      Ares - 2005-02-17

      Yeah, I know.  I used to use WinZip and it's "CheckOut" feature that does exactly what you're talking about.  I don't think the GUI is going to get many enhancements until Igor decides he's ironed out any bugs to enhance stability and included the multimedia compression mentioned on the homepage.  Just my opinion anyway...


    • Ktron

      Ktron - 2007-07-31

      It IS possible, 7zip just doesn't make it very obvious how to do it. If you search in the built in help, for 'self' there's a page of info about creating sfx archives. Its confusing yes, but it does give barely enough information to explain how you can create an archive that extracts and then runs a file.

      • PovAddict

        PovAddict - 2007-08-08

        He doesn't want to create a sfx file, he wants to extract all files from an existing 7z file and run one of them, like other compression programs allow.

  • pha

    pha - 2013-12-21

    i wait this fearure in 7z
    I'm still using Winrar instead 7zFM

    Last edit: pha 2013-12-21

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