Feat Req: Make *.iso from DVD with 7zip

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2013-07-22

    I would appreciate if 7zip could include a feature in the next release which allows users to
    make an *.iso from a mounted DVD/CD.

    7zip could already read an *.iso file. So creating such an archive is not far away any more.

    The resulting *.iso should contain boot code if it is available on original DVD.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2013-07-22

    You can copy iso image of DVD.
    1) Run 7-Zip File Manager
    2) Open top level folder
    3) Open "\\." item
    4) Select DVD drive item, press F5 (Copy), and select the folder to write ISO image.

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  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2013-07-23

    Ok, it works.

    However this procedure is a kind of weird.

    Why not introducing a 7zip context menu entry (for drives) which let users create an .iso archive just as if one create a .7z archive?

    Could you add this in the next version?

    Thank you

  • Sparky

    Sparky - 2014-04-24

    I would love a right click "save to .iso" option as well

  • ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy - 2015-10-13

    Is there a way to make an ISO from a file, not on a CD?

    • Shell

      Shell - 2015-10-13

      From which file - another ISO?

      I think that the ability to add files to ISO and VHD images would be more interesting. WIM is supported, and it is hardly simpler.

      • ThatOneGuy

        ThatOneGuy - 2015-10-15

        From a file on the hard drive (i.e. C:\folder\file.exe etc.) and make it an ISO.
        I burned it from a CD and don't have the CD any more.

        Last edit: ThatOneGuy 2015-10-15
  • Bill G

    Bill G - 2015-11-25

    7-Zip 15.12. First time poster so "FIA" - forgive my ignorance in advance! Love this product and effort, vital since MS destroys everything they touch. Been using 7Z briefly. I go way back even to ARC.COM.

    Mimicking this thread: I went all the way to the top folder using "go-up-a-directory" arrow by the top bar so Computer, Documents, Network, \. show. Double clicked computer. Single clicked F: (the CD). F5. Typed C:\ for destination (which I can; administrator level on this XP machine). Got
    Not implemented
    Even got it twice in a row.

    I suppose that's my question. Now for rest of this I'll show deep ignorance. I don't understand the (2003 era) Microsoft methodology of XP, XP SP3, and Office 2003 disks that I wish to have an ISO backup of, but I note that sometimes the CD has a top level folder E and 2 underscores {edit: pretend 2 underscores are 2 dashes}
    F:\E--\ and everything is under that; other times there are files right on root \ including autorun. Anyway the Win XP install disk (that I want to make ISO of then, mainly as a backup, but to also then load on a Win7 machine with VirtualBox) that I have in the drive has the E__

    If I double click F: I see E--, and if I do F5 on that, it copies E--\ to c:\, giving c:\e--\ and including the whole tree underneath, not an ISO. I believe I understand that, since E-- is a "file" (even though it is a folder), not a drive, so making an ISO from that is not what ISOs are; they image whole disks. I assumed that this is the flaw in the post above by ThatOneGuy. But then, why does ImgBurn make .ISOs from files? Do they just make an artificial ISO that can be burned from onto media?

    One youtube, made by a 7-zip user, says to use MagicDisk (apparently now called MagicISO)
    to make .ISOs from disks, and Imgburn to make .ISOs from regular files.

    If I have to go to an alternate program, maybe magiciso works, but what if I used Imgburn (which has a comforting long strong track record) to create an .ISO from \E-- ? (a la http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1778) Would that work just like the install disk?

    Edit: Sorry, double underscore is like a bold trigger (and the underscores don't display) so that's why I changed them to --.

    Last edit: Bill G 2015-11-25
    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2015-11-26
      • Computer, Documents, Network, . show. Double clicked computer.

      You need to enter to \\. item instead of Computer item.
      \\. - is prefix for low-level access for volumes and drives in Windows.
      Also you need to run 7-Zip File Manager with Administrator rights.

  • Bill G

    Bill G - 2015-11-26

    Hmm, in the oft-mocked wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_disc_image_software
    Software Creates[a] Modifies[b] Mounts[c] Restores[d] Extracts[e]

    Last edit: Bill G 2015-11-26
  • Bill G

    Bill G - 2015-12-06

    [edit: grrr, two backslashes show as 1 as I suppose it is an escape character. I am doubling backslashes to correct this.]

    Thank you for the personal response. I successfully created an .ISO by navigating from \\. instead of \. (and NOT going through My Computer), on XP, with "Owner" administrator account. It works perfectly.

    Note that this webpage thread still displays \. rather than \\. (in the entry above dated 2013-07-22) possibly due to the discussion forum interpreting \ as an escape character. Also, Wikipedia still shows "No" for disk image creating capability. I am not complaining, just pointing that out. I am thankful for the capability! Great product!

    I also like the feature requests by others above, who I semi-impolitely took over their thread from :(

    This is a great product. A GREAT PRODUCT. In fact, after spending some time experimenting and using your Edit menu item, 7-Z appears to be so far superior to Microsoft's explorer folders, so I am considering using 7-Zip as my primary method of navigating and managing folders! In other words, I believe starting from "Computer" in 7-Zip instead of "Computer" in Windows would be vastly more productive for operations that have nothing to do with ZIP files!! (No surprise; Microsoft does not understand how the upper 50% of users use computers, which is why for example QDOS and Elftree were so superior. However I didn't think that the next great all purpose file manager would arise from a supposedly special purpose archiving program!)

    You have some extremely admirable keyboard shortcuts. I need to specifically compliment your implementation of those. I am in love with alt-F12. I am really, really getting to like this very intelligently written product.

    (I'm still wondering about the directory folder E__ on Microsoft install disks; anyone can message me or give me a link if it's distracting in this thread. Those are the disks I want to make .ISO of, FYI).

    Last edit: Bill G 2015-12-06
  • Rawat

    Rawat - 2016-03-21

    please add iso file creation option in 7z from hdd files.


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