Problem 7za command line password

  • Alexandr

    Alexandr - 2014-04-29


    I used 7za on Linux Ubnutu. I try to create .7z archive with password. I have entered command line:
    7za a -r -pFKJHGVKO^#%$RTFuojrhgnviujlfhg^$%678908yt7rfew5947tgh -v100m -y archive.7z catalog

    When I try to unpack archive i have message: "...Wrong password?".

    Please help me with this.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2014-04-29

    Maybe some character in command line is not suppported.
    Try more simple commands with different passwords:
    7za a a.7z file.txt -p^#password

    But the question is interesting.
    If command shell changes some characters in command line, then it can change to same characters, when you use same password string for unpacking.
    So you must make some investigation about that problem.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2014-04-29

    If you used putty, you can write some tool (several lines in C language) that will print command line args and send same command line via putty to see exact password.

  • Alexandr

    Alexandr - 2014-04-29

    Thanks, Igor.

    But I archive files to archive.7z and delete files. Now I can't unpack my archive, because 7za writes that password is incorrect.

    I think that some character (may be ^ or # or % or $) in my password realy dont supported.

    Please help me with my problem, because I have very important information in my archive.

  • Alexandr

    Alexandr - 2014-04-29

    I solved my problem. In command line:
    print FKJHGVKO^#%$RTFuojrhgnviujlfhg^$%678908yt7rfew5947tgh

    I will see: FKJHGVKO^#%^$%678908yt7rfew5947tgh

    This password is correct.


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