7zip slowdown PC

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    If i open a directory and there is a 7zip exe in it,.. it "scans" the exe file and slows down my pc 10-40 sec.

    - i got the latest beta

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2004-11-06

      Who scans exe?
      Is it:
      1) Virus
      2) Antivirus
      3) System

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have an AntiVirus tool (no virus) http://www.freeav.de/ ...

      If i open a directory with a packed exe (by 7zip or winrar) it loads and slows down my system (and it doesnt show the icon of the exe file)....

      After a while ... it shows the (7zip sfx / winrar sfx) icon and the pc isnt slow downed any more....

      but its only a problem with packed exe files... other types (like zip, rar or 7zip) doesnt produce a slowdown....

      This slow down happend after the installation of 7zip (iam new at 7 zip using)... i had before Winrar installed

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Pentium 3 - 1 GHZ
      512 MB Ram

      Windows 98 SE
      - 7 zip 4.10 beta (i dont know if this happen with the final 3.13 version or an earlyer beta. but i will try it)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I had deinstalled my Anit Virus tool and tested again...
      Sorry that i havent do this before i had posted.

      My AV guard was setting was to high and scanned every file (with extraction)....

      -> Closed


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