Where have my 7z files gone ?

  • grayghost2

    grayghost2 - 2013-07-31

    I have only used 7z for extracting files to date

    Now I want to compress a folder containing nine PNG files into a 7z file, for emailing or uploading to forums.

    When I right click on my "PNG_folder" I get six options ...
    1. Add to archive...
    - which archive, where?
    2. Compress and email...
    - compress it into what format ?
    - where does the file go and how do I email it?
    3. Add to "PNG_folder.7z"
    - where is that 7z file, I cannot find it, to add anything?
    4. Compress to "PNG files.7z" and email
    - file just disappears is not available as an insertion in email client
    5. Add to "PNG files.zip"
    - I cannot even find that zip file either
    6. Compress to "PNG folder.zip" and email
    - did that but no sign of the zip file

    I use "FileSearchEX" it finds everything and everything that Windows Search does not find.
    Cannot find any of my "created" 7z or zip files

    How do each of the 6 options work, and where are the resulting files.
    Sometimes I want email zip/7z files and on other occassions upload them to forum threads.

    What am I doing wrong ??

    Thank you

  • Shell

    Shell - 2013-07-31

    The default folder for the archive is either the one that contains the files to compress, or the one you dragged those files to (with the right mouse button pressed). Concerning the options, those that end with the ellipsis (...) allow you to specify the name of the archive, its type (7z, zip, etc.) and the path (absolute or relative) where it should be created. The dialog remembers paths of several previously created archives and the last used options for each available format. Try specifying a certain path (for example, C:\archive.7z) and check if the archive appears there after you press OK.

    The "email" options sometimes work incorrectly because not all e-mail programs are compatible with 7-Zip. The default Windows e-mail client (Outlook Express or Windows Mail), however, should work fine if it has been configured to use your mailbox.


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