trlkly - 2013-07-26

How do I keep the 7zip file manager from needing to copy the extracted files after the decompression? I've even tried always unzipping the file to the same folder as the archive, and using the "same folder" setting in the options, but it still unzips to a temporary location, first. The copying often increases the decompression time by a factor of two!

If you absolutely need to stage files, why not use a MOVE command to put it in place after you are done? If it's on the same drive, this command is pretty much instantaneous, since all it really does is rename the file. (Though I can't see why staging is necessary if you are decompressing the entire file.)

I'm on Windows XP and am using the stable 9.20 version. If it's a bug, is it fixed in any later versions? Or is there a setting I can use to fix this?

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