Packed files showing 0 bites

  • When trying to add a large number of files to a 7-zip archive, (8000 odd total size before packing 850 MB) everything seems to work fine, but when I try to unpack the file, I find that only the first file is there. The rest show "packed size 0B" and on decompression do not exist. Any ideas anyone?

    • DOUBLE POST. :-(

      See elsewhere.

    • MK

      Sometimes it takes a while for the program to refresh the actual file size. If you can only see the first file in there, and you split it into volumes, that is normal. Just refresh the folder. If that doesn't work, i'm not too sure.

    • In a solid archive, which 7z is by default, there is no filesize for each file. They will show zero bytes, except the first one (which will be large, of course).

      Why they "don't exist" on decompression - you've got me. I'd try some testing with smaller groups.

      Good luck.