Can't add files to my archive

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have a .7z archive and I'm trying to add/update files to it. I clicked the add button and it said, 'Compress operation is not supported for that folder'.

    I am using 4.15 Beta.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sorry for the double post. For some bizzare reason after I posted I couldn't see my first thread thought it was gone so I made this one. =o

    • Stepho

      Stepho - 2005-03-02

      Anonymous posts take some time to show up...

      Is your archive a solid archive ? (the default with 7-zip)
      Solid archives cannot be updated... yet.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for the reply.

      Yeah it's a solid archive. Solid means that it spawns multiple files? I think I will redo my archive as I have no need for it with this one, as a non-solid one, then hopefully I will be able to add new content to it.

    • Stepho

      Stepho - 2005-03-02

      Solid means that the files are seen as a single data flow, so you can get better compression.


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