How to uninstall 7zip ???

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I made a Test Install on my PC at work, but now I have a Problem to unistall 7-ZIP. The System needs the "7-zipn.dll", so I can't delete it completely.

    My OS is Win2000 Professional.

    CU all

    • Dekaritae

      Dekaritae - 2004-06-21

      Usually, Windows will release unused files after one reboot. If you're unable to delete it after rebooting, try this program to delete the file.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I installed the AddRemoveMaster and all files are deleted now but the *.dll is still running and needed by Windows.
        Do you think this problem will be history with the porgramm linked up ???
        Please excuse my english, but i'm german ;-)


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Reboot under C:\ prompt only:
      del c:\fullpath\7-zipn.dll

      where for 'fullpath' you type the path to 7-zipn.dll
      hit enter 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Used Add/Remove Programs to uninstall 7zip.Message received "Cannot find a device file, Windows registry or System.INI file refers to this device file but it no longer exists. Try uninstalling associated application."  What the heck am I to do??????  Have an older computer and Windows 98SE

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Kick out the directory from DOS (boot to DOS or
      shutdown to DOS) with DELTREE.


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