Creating SFX on Linux

  • Josh Andler

    Josh Andler - 2004-12-17


    I'm with the inkscape project and we're looking into using 7zip for compression as it is a bit more efficient than zip. The problem that we ran into today is that one of our Linux guys was making a win32 build and when it tried to create a self-extracting file, it would not work. The command line flags were there, but it appears that the "back end" for it might not be in place. A regular .7z file was created fine, but we were hoping that it would be able to create the SFX files so we could change it over to 7z from zip for distribution.

    Just for reference, it created the SFX file fine on Windows, just not Linux.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


    • my space

      my space - 2004-12-17

      I cannot understand what you are trying to do.

      As I understand :
      somebody cross-compile a win32 binary on a linux machine.

      Then he try to create a SFX archive.

      But what I don't understand :
      - the SFX archive will be used on a win32 or linux machine ?
      - the creation of the SFX archive is done on a win32 or linux machine ?

      What commands/GUI do you use to build the SFX archive ?

    • Josh Andler

      Josh Andler - 2004-12-17

      You understand correctly... the win32 binaries are compiled on Linux.

      And what we are trying to do is have Linux create the SFX file which would be used on win32. (so we do want it to make an EXE)

      Basically we're wanting to completely make the win32 packages on Linux, but have them opened as easily as possible w/o the need for any additional software. For example we currently statically link and include the GTK, Perl, & Python libraries in Inkscape, and want to continue to make it a "one download and install" app.

      As for commands, I will have to ask what he used.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      copy /b 7zC.sfx+Generation.7z s.exe
      works fine on windows. I think cat will also work


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