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Password protect entire archive

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi there

    I asked this question as part of another - thought it a better idea to start another thread.

    Anyone know of a format supported by 7-zip that will password protect the entire archive folder rather than the files themselves?  Zip archives allow you to browse the filenames within the folder, though you can't extract them without the password.  If you extract a protected .7z file without a password it will extract the filenames but not the files themselves.  I want to lock the archive so that it can't be browsed and the filenames cannot be extracted without the correct password...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I also would like to have an answer to this question. For me the encryption is useless, if the folderstructure of the encrypted folder cen be seen.

      • Andreas Nilsson

        Andreas Nilsson - 2004-11-07

        >For me the encryption is useless, if the folderstructure of the encrypted folder cen be seen.

        "Encrypt file names" in the "Add to Archive" dialog?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This option can only be used for 7zip files, so you need to select the 7z format. PKZip offers an extension to the still popular zip format that is unfortunately not yet supported by 7-Zip. Also, I had problems opening a test archive created using PKZip's AES encryption.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      for protection of the name files compress to the .7z and find in the manual encrypt archive header or similar(I mean that Is switch -mhe or something like this)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      One workaround would be to re-zip your archive, and password protect that. Sort of a safe inside another safe...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      That's it. 2-stage method.

      1. ZIP, 7-ZIP (no compression) or TAR your files.

      2. 7-ZIP or ZIP (medium to max compression,
         encryption)  the file resulting of step 1.

    • J44xm

      J44xm - 2004-11-30

      RAR files can do this. Does 7z not have this ability?


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