Setup sfx with password barfs on extract

  • Per Mildner

    Per Mildner - 2004-10-06

    When I create a self extracting archive for installers (-sfx7zS.sfx or sfx7zSD.sfx) with a password I get an error dialog when launching the archive "Unsupported Method".

    The other self extractors (e.g., -sfx7z.sfx) properly prompts for a password and without the -p argument the -sfx7zS.sfx archive also works correctly.

    Is this a bug or can someone give an example using -sfx7zS.sfx and password.

    Creating the archive with:
    7z.exe a -sfx7zS.sfx -pfoo testinstaller.exe setup.exe
    says "Everything is OK" but launching testinstaller.exe barfs.

    All on XP SP2

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2004-10-06

      Since installers usually do not require password, I didn't include decryption code to that sfx.

    • Per Mildner

      Per Mildner - 2004-10-06

      Our installer needs this. How hard would it be to modify the existing 7zS code to get a version with password support?

      (Conversely, the other sfx-versions would presumably benefit, size-wise, from versions without password support).

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2004-10-06

        You need to edit .dsp file:
        1) Add encryption files
        2) Add defines for encryption.
        Use SfxWin.dsp as example.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >You need to edit .dsp file:
      >1) Add encryption files
      >2) Add defines for encryption.
      >Use SfxWin.dsp as example.

      Sorry, i have the same problem and I really can't figure out what I have to do...
      Would you post an example?
      Thanks in advance,


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