errorlevel listing for v4.15beta?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello there,

    i'm using 7za.exe v4.15beta.
    So far, it looks like 7-zip would handle errorlevels like this:
    0 - no problems
    1 - minor problems; files in use and stuff like that
    2 - critical problems

    is this correct?
    i wish there would be a listing of several different errorlevels, which can be treated within a batch script; worked like a charm with rar, arj and infozip..

    anyway, thanks a lot for this great program! =)

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2005-03-03

        kSuccess       = 0,     // Successful operation
        kWarning       = 1,     // Non fatal error(s) occurred
        kFatalError    = 2,     // A fatal error occurred
        kUserError     = 7,     // Command line option error
        kMemoryError   = 8,     // Not enough memory for operation
        kUserBreak     = 255   // User stopped the process

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thank you!! =)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      it would be great if errorlevel 2 (critical) would be split into several errorlevels, each designating a unique failure (write error/disk full etc etc)

      this would provide better error handling in a batch script

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2005-03-09

        Maybe later.


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