Split to custom size?

J. J.
  • J. J.

    J. J. - 2005-02-08

    Is there a way to split files to a user defined size instead of only the three default values?

    • Ares

      Ares - 2005-02-08

      Just type the bytes in (eg. "10485760" for 10MB).


      • J. J.

        J. J. - 2005-02-09

        Indeed, that does the trick.  Duh ;-)  Thanks!

        • Ares

          Ares - 2005-02-09

          No problem =)

          Just remember not to use commas in the numbers... for the longest time I thought I was stuck with the given choices as well until I figured out I shouldn't be using commas lol ;)



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