Problem specifying directories

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have a drive with three directories:


    I want to archive s:\docs, but I also want to leave docs\ in the path name in the archive.

    7za.exe u  s-backup -ir!s:\docs\

    archives every directory on s: where "docs" appears in the path, not just s:\docs\.

    If I CD into s:\docs, then I lose docs\ as part of the path in the archive.

    Exclude switches don't work - they exclude everything with "docs" in the path including the s:\docs directory.

    Is there a way to archive s:\docs but not s:\x\docs and s:\y\docs, while leaving "docs\ as part of the path?

    One suggestion is for 7zip to interpret s:\docs as s:\docs, not just "docs"

    • Anonymous - 2005-01-15

      Have you tried this?
      7za u s-backup s:\docs\*
      (You might need 7zip 4 for absolute pathnames.)
      But I still have the problem that 7z doesn't include any directory information into the archive. I'm using a filelist with single files and absolute paths.


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