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    I want to download a zip program and so far I have reasearched many sites and programs.. alot of great reviews for this program,... but I have a few concerns  before I download this program. I want to know the difference between 7-Zip 3.13 and 7-zip4.15 beta

    I am under the understanding that beta means testing not fully operational meaning still working out the kinks of the program. and if that is the case what things should I know .. and what bugs or frequent problems do I need to know about to either know if it is a major problem with the program or just a minor glitch.

    the other question that I have is when reading the forums I cam across another newbie thread, asking about 7-Zip and 7z-files  with the option of downloadind either 7-Zip or 7-Zip beta file is there one that is catagorised 7z and or 7z-files?
    ( Now I am beginning to really confuse myself even more)

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    Please Clarify  
    2005-02-04 13:03 
    7Zip is different from 7z-Files, or 7-zip files??...a little confusing.

    this is what I don't understand....  is one of the files on the homepage different than the other ???

    and if so which is which


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      Try 3.13 first. Good support for 7-ZIP format &
      ZIP format PKZIP 2.x compatible.

      If fails try 4.15.

      "7Zip is different from 7z-Files, or 7-zip files??...a little confusing.  " ??

      NO. It is the same.

      There are *** "ZIP" *** archives

      and *** "7-ZIP" *** = *** "7z" *** archives.

      And some others, you can safely ignore them
      (RAR, CPIO, CAB, ...).


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