Ashley Wong - 2013-12-31


I recently had a few complications using 7-zip 9.25 alpha.

First problem (un-urgent),when I had 2 of the same zip file opened, when adding new data to either one, it would error out (Sorry, I didn't catch which one) but eventually, the zip file has somehow gone to become an empty zip file (0 bytes). Luckily, the zip wasn't important and was easily remade.

I'm not sure how this happened, but I just wanted you guys to know.

Second problem. While I was transferring new data to an existing 7z file on my USB, my computer suddenly just froze and I was forced to unplug laptop to reset it. When I came back to the 7z file, I received the 'Can not open file (.7z) as archive'.
I determined through various 3rd party tools that this is a corrupt file.

I also read on this forum, in open discussion about people posting 26 bit hex? Or something? For the developer to assist with the problem. I have downloaded HxD just in case, but I'm unsure what to post.

I'm not sure if this helps, but I've attached 7Zip FM view of the zip file

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