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Internal Error #1082022

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I created a .7z file with the following batch line:
    "7z u Files @Files_backup.lst -ms=off -uq3r2 -r -xr!D:\*.zip -xr!D:\*.exe 2>> Files_backup.log" The resulting files is 250M

    It creates the archive correctly, but when I run the .bat to update the archive, I get "Internal Error #1082022"

    What do I need to change?

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2004-11-02

      There is some collision of rules in @Files_backup.lst and -xr!D:\*.exe.
      Don't use absolute paths for -xr!D:\*.zip

      I even don't know how to resolve such complex rules collisions. So it will be not fixed in near time.


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