2 quest. Ultracompression & shellintergration

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Iam realy happy about 7-zip,

    BUT: i have 2 questions;
    1: what about this situation, i have lots of files in my system, downloads, music, backups of documents, etc.
    no i want to make backups of all these files,  archived ofcaurce....  So for example:  At this very moment 7z.
    is compressing the MS.NET installer files..  with where in in SFX.zip file. so i extracted them to a folden and wanted to repack ... using 7z Ultra... it says that nead 192mb of ram. (i have 260 and besides 7z.exe Nothing else (not even explorer.exe  is running, (just the winxp kernel and 7z. and still it gets with a rate of even slower van have a kilobyte a sec... With isn't very funny if the source is 23megs in size. 
    - can anyone please tell me, how this can be .... is it normall - ... should i even try.. Tell me.... plz...

    the 2nd question is about 7zip installer proces, ... it is intergrated in to my sys can any one please explain how to change it... put all 7zip options (in the rightclick-menu) in a submenu instead of in the mainlist like it is now... because it makes my list, realy long and, not verry gentle to the eye..

    LOTS OF THNX ....

    • Stepho

      Stepho - 2005-02-02

      I can help you with the second question :
      in the 7-Zip GUI, go to the menu Tools/Options/Plug-ins/7-Zip - Options and check the box labeled "Cascaded context menu". That will put all 7-Zip shell integration commands into a sub-menu.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2005-02-02

      > using 7z Ultra... it says that nead 192mb of ram.

      Change dictionary size


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