Greg Bishop - 2014-05-13

Sometimes it's useful for Zip program NOT to lock up file access. I often use 7-zip to look inside java .jar files to make sure the right things are in it. If I don't close the 7-zip program, I can't run the clean and install tasks in maven, because the 7-zip program has locked the file. It would be nice if it didn't do that, and instead worked like notepad++ and just notices if the file it had opened went away, and tells you and then closes that open archive.

This is actually quite annoying if you are doing things like comparing .jar files, because you are constantly having to open, close rebuild, whereas if it kept the reference and looked, it might even be able to reload the open file contents if they change saving me the navigation and opening trouble.

I regularly use Eclipse, 7-zip and maven from the command line.

Simple example: Create a maven jar project, and run clean install. Open the jar and see the files in it. Put some files in the resource folder, re-run clean install. You can't because the 7-zip program has the files open. Close 7-zip run clean install. Now re-open the file. Now add another file. Now run clean install. You can;'t because 7-zip has the files open... wash rinse repeat.

Anyway, this would be a really really great feature to have that would make 7-zip 10 times better for me personally, and probably other people.