Is there a way to extract only changed files

Pete Grant
  • Pete Grant

    Pete Grant - 2014-06-27

    I would like to use 7-zip to transfer files back and forth between my desktop and laptop. When I get ready to go traveling, I use the u command to add new or changed files to the archive. That works OK. Then I copy the archive to my laptop and extract all the archived into its file system (this is problem #1).

    Then I work on some of the files on the laptop while traveling and, when returning home, use the u command to update the changed files and then move the archive into my desktop. When I extract files in either machine, I would like to extract only those files I had modified or added to the archive. I'm talking about thousands of files in the archive and it takes hours to extract them all when I've only modified (or added) a few. It's such a waste of time to copy thousands and thousands file backk and forth between machines.

    DOes anyone know of a switch in 7z that would compare the archive's contents against the file systems and replace only changed or new files? Or, can anyone think of a better solution - other paying for WinZip which I've been using for years.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2014-06-28

    read -u switch description.
    you must create two archives (in one command):
    1) all files
    2) changed files.


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