File name limits 63 characters?

Tom Watson
  • Tom Watson

    Tom Watson - 2014-04-24

    I'm using 7zip on a Windows machine to take an ISO image file and put its contents into a directory structure. For the most part it works OK. The problem is that some of the file names on the image file (it was generated on a Linux host) have VERY long names (75 characters in one case). From outward looks, it seems that there is a limit of 63 characters when "decompressing" the ISO image file. If I mount the physical device it shows up correctly (I do this on a Linux machine). I also note that using the '7z' program on linux (command line) yields similar file truncation results. Also other programs (Virtual Clone Drive on windows) when presented with this image file truncate the file name as well.

    So, is there any way I can get the full name?


    • Tomas Benes

      Tomas Benes - 2016-10-27

      similar restriction is also with passwort lenght - there's no warning message too

  • Robert Cathles

    Robert Cathles - 2016-10-28

    Tom W, does the same thing happen if you extract to a higher folder e.g. C:\extract
    Windows has a maximum file path and file name length combined of 260 so filenames longer than this are likely to either be truncated or not readable. Also have you tried the latest 7-zip 16.04.

    Tomas, what password length are you using? I can do at least 1,030 characters. Are you using the latest version? Have you also excluded spaces from your password?


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