How to use exclude switch ?

  • Tempus

    Tempus - 2004-12-08

    Hello !

    I've a problem with 7-zip configuration options, to exclue directories. This is my configuration (under WinXP) :

    - My Batch starts in "C:\Documents and Settings\Commun\SafeWork"
    - I want to archive all documents of "C:\Documents and Settings\", without directories like "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\", "C:\Documents and Settings\Commun\SafeWork\", ...
    - 7-zip is installed in a sub-directory "C:\Documents and Settings\Commun\SafeWork\7-Zip"
    - The Batch command is "7-zip\7z.exe a -x@listex.txt -tzip -r -wTemp @liste.txt"
    - The content of "liste.txt" is
    "C:\Documents and Settings\"

    - The content of "listex.txt" is
    "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\"
    "C:\Documents and Settings\Commun\SafeWork\"

    But the "Dr Watson" directory is included in the archive, and the process is aborted (some files of this directory are locked (access denied). Someone has a solution for my problem ?

    Thank you !

    • PatLogan

      PatLogan - 2005-01-03

      funny that it does anything, your path should finish by *, but I have the 3.13...

      try to put a * like this :
      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\*
      (you don't need any ")

      if you first did it without the -x switches, it won't work either because you need to use the u (update) command and the -u (update) switches like this :
      u -up0q0

      (look at in the doc, it's explained)

      it works very well ;)

      have fun !



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