ZoneAlarm settings for 7zip

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    7zip 4.12 beta
    Zone Alarm Pro
    Windows Me
    Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0 SP1

    Please help me to configure my ZoneAlarm firewall for 7zip. I want to be most secure without losing any program functionality. Let me know if any of these settings can or should be changed.

    ACCESS RIGHTS (access the Internet)
    Trusted Zone: Yes/No/Ask (set to YES)
    Internet Zone: Yes/No/Ask (set to YES)
    -- Both these MUST be set to YES in order for 7zip to access the Internet. That's the only setting I'm absolutely sure of.

    SERVER RIGHTS (listen to the Internet)
    Trusted Zone: Yes/No/Ask (set to ASK)
    Internet Zone: Yes/No/Ask (set to ASK)
    -- I would like to set these to NO. Does 7zip require server rights or not?

    Send Mail: Yes/No/Ask (set to ASK)
    -- I would like to set this to NO. Does 7zip need to access any of the ports that Windows uses to send/receive email? If it does, then this has to be set to either YES or ASK. If not, then I can set it to NO.

    This program may use other programs to access the Internet: Yes/No (set to NO)
    -- If possible, I'd like to keep this NO. I can still use Internet Explorer from within 7zip to get to the home page, support page, or forum page with this set to NO. Is there any program other than Internet Explorer 7zip ever needs to use to access the Internet? If yes, such as another browser or a different program, maybe this would have to be set to YES.

    Enable Outbound Email Protection for this program: Yes/No (set to YES by default)
    -- This option does not appear at all if SEND MAIL is set to NO.

    Enable Privacy for this program: Yes/No (set to NO by default)
    -- Should it be YES?

    Authenticate components: Yes/No (set to YES by default)
    Authenticate program by full path name only: Yes/No (set to NO by default)

    If any EXPERT RULES are needed, please let me know what the are and how to configure them. Thank you for your assistance.

    P.S. Because the 7zip forum is a paid forum ($39/year), I cannot afford to join due to low income, so my access here is limited. I can only post anonymously and cannot edit those posts. Without membership, I probably do not have download rights.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Why should "7zip" need any Zone Alarm access at all?  7zip is a utility that should act only on local files.

      In my experience if any program asks ZA for "server access", say no.  If the pgm fails to function correctly it will ask again and you can always say yes later.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      A basic acct on Sourceforge is free.  The paid subscription offers optional but not essential features.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you open 7zip and Select ABOUT from the HELP menu, you have three options. Clicking on any of these options opens a web page in Internet Explorer.

      2. Support
      3. Register

      The 7zip program needs to be set up in ZoneAlarm for Internet access. If it is not, you will get "this page cannot be displayed" and none of the web pages will open when you click on choice 1, 2, or 3 above. From what you've said, this may be the extent of settings I need to configure in ZoneAlarm for the 7zip program.

      Server rights should not be given to a program unless that program will not function without it, since trojans and "nasties" tend to get into your PC that way. It does not sound like 7zip needs server rights or email rights.


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