Much needed lacking feature

  • MrAmbiG

    MrAmbiG - 2013-07-04

    I work on VMware and whenever there is a log bundle sent to me to analyze it takes a hell a lot of time to unarchive it.
    If you have to unarchvie all the archives inside the main archive it takes 15 minutes or more because for every archive you have to right click and start unarchiving.
    It is like inside the main archive you have 2-3 folders.
    inside those folders you have 1 archive each.
    inside that archive you have many more mini archives...
    Can't we have a feature where it will unarchive all the archives of a folder or an archive or user can specify a number x and it will unarchive the x number of archives from the main folder to the bottom most folder of the heirarchy? I have checked and no archive software so far has this feature.

    Last edit: MrAmbiG 2013-07-04
    • fernando

      fernando - 2013-07-04

      try like...

      FOR /R %I IN (*.7z) DO 7Z x "%~fI" -o"%~dpI"
  • john lee

    john lee - 2013-07-04

    Why stop asking someone else to do it & write a 5? line cmd/bat file to do this? It really isn't a generally useful feature for 7zip! j


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