Jeff Lima - 2013-01-25

I have used 7-zip for years. A great program Igor. But, I need a selection method not provided. I notice the ability to use the Windows Archive Flag has been requested four previous times, 2004-10-01, 2006-02-07, 2008-12-01 and 2011-09-05.

In a nightly backup script on our backup file server, I am using winternals psexec.exe program to archive files on a remote computer to a Zip file on that computer. I use the command line version of 7-Zip. Then I move the Zip file to our backup server here, over a WAN (internet tunnel.) Works great! The next night, I do the same full backup. But our full backups are getting too large to move overnight.

Instead, the next night, I want to create a new incremental backup archive of only those files which have been updated that day. But, I can't do an incremental backup right now. The original archive file is not available on the remote computer for use of the -u switch. If I could use and control the Windows Archive Flag, I could easily do this.

1.) Please provide a switch to select only those files with the Archive Flag set.
2.) Also provide a switch so I can reset the Archive Flag once the file is archived. It could work for any archive type.

Last edit: Jeff Lima 2013-01-25