Blowfish Encryption

  • Hello,

    i suggest to implement the blowfish encryption algorithm because it is much much faster that AES.
    blowfish is not less secure than AES.
    what about this idea ?

    greetings from germany
    merry chrismas to everyone :P

    further sources
    this programm includes an benchmark between many encryption algorithms... blowfish wins! :>

    • Ares

      How does Twofish stack up?  It's the algorithm I've been using lately (w/PGP).

      Perhaps a variety of algorithms could be implemented.


    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      AES is fast too.

    • the benchmarks in the truecrypt program show that blowfish is much faster than AES :>

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        AES speed is enough for 7-zip. It is 40 times faster than LZMA compressing.

    • Sounds like a buggy implementation in that library. AES is faster than Blowfish - it's the main reason why it was chosen as encryption standard.

      • Seems to be the benchmark program in Truecrypt that is unreliable actually. If I benchmark several times I get AES speeds from 16M/s to 47M/s, which makes it pretty useless.

        When selecting a large buffer AES moves to top speed - as would be expected.

    • good to know. thanks gcp! merry chrismas from germany

    • encryption is not about speed
      its about security

    • AES and Blowfish are secure... so we can talk about speed...^^

    • The most common block-encryption-algorithms have the following proportions of compression and decompression-speed in software.

      =100% AES
      ~70%  Blowfish
      ~65%  Cast
      ~45%  TwoFish
      ~35%  Serpent
      ~20%  3DES

      Blowfish is totally different to AES. It might be more secure than AES but imo AES is enough secure and very fast.

      Sebastian Wilke

    • this means the truecrypt benchmark is totally crap :>

      could be.... but im not sure^^

      • I like and trust in TrueCrypt but the benchmark seems to be crap. I don's use its benchmark. The speed of the different algorithms is well known, so I can live without it if I suppose that the TrueCrypt-implementation of the algorithms is about as fast as other implementations with useful benchmarks and reference-implementations.

        Sebastian Wilke


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