Multivolume fix

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    There's no REAL multivolume archive support in v4.07! There are only split & join buttons added to the file menu! I could already do that to v3 archives with a file splitter!
    EXAMPLE (purely theoretical):
    Suppose you have a 4200MB file called n64roms.7z split over 6 cd-roms. If you want to extract a few games, say, 200MB of roms, you will need 8400MB of free space to do so: 4200MB to put the *.001 files in the same directory and 4200MB to recreate n64roms.7z. That's ridiculus!
    WinRAR, for example, only needs 200MB of disk space.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      7-Zip can extract from .7z.00* in one step.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Only if all parts are located in the same folder.

    • elek benedek

      elek benedek - 2004-10-04

      ive waited for this new release hoping that multivolumed AND self extracting archives could be created with it, and 7z would be a competitor to the only free solution with this feature which im aware of: sqx (zipstar/tugzip). ok, iceows has it but appends the sfx header in another step what i dont like.
      i hope that this would be implemented because i really like 7z (good compression rate/decompression time).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I agree that multivolume definitely needs a more complete implementation. Final 4.0 release should not be released until this is done.

      7-zip should:

      1.) Be able to split while compressing (in one go)
      2.) Know all of the pieces required to extract a split file and check that they can be found
      3.) Prompt for location of each piece if not found in current directory

      And ideally these things should be fully supported by the sfx module also.

      Thanks in advance, Igor.


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