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  • Tom

    Tom - 2009-09-16

    Hello, the functionality like in WinZip called "save full path info" seems missig in 7-Zip, it is sometime necessary to add e.g. files with a right mouse click directly to any Zip-File while keeping the folder structure.  Does any work arround exist or is an  implementation planned? many thanks, Tom

  • Tom

    Tom - 2009-10-02

    Hi, any news? It would be very helpfull if the functionality to save the full path info into the zip file. Or to know if its planned, possible or not?. Many thanks, greetings Tom

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2009-10-03

    It can be dangerous, for example, if the archive contains full path that you don't want to extract ,like C:\Windows.

  • Tom

    Tom - 2009-10-05

    Hi, thanks for the answer, but some of our colleagues are still using this optional feature from WinZip since many years and to migrate them from WinZip to 7-Zip it would help, if they could proceede with their well known practices.

    For your understanding, they add or update in their daily work a lot of files from several different folders to existing zip-files with real deep folder strucutres, which gone send out to customers by CD or DVD, for this action and several other benefits, it is necessary to have the whole folder-informations included. and nooo, they don´t put program folders or the windows directory into a zip file :-)

    Wuold it be possible to put this feature into the "create archive…" menu as an option which is deselected by default? A workarround like to add any parameter there would be helpful too!!! If yes, any idea when this could be possible?

    many many thanks,
    greetings Tom

  • iz0bbz

    iz0bbz - 2009-10-12

    I was looking for the same functionality and honestly I'm surprised that it seems there is no plan to introduce such feature.
    IMO it is *really* needed in order to use 7zip as part of backup procedures.

    Searching through the net I see there are workarounds, for example calling the 7zip executables from the root path; I haven't tried that also because in this way, on windows , you cannot store files belonging to different drives in a single session.. exactly what I need.

    The fact that it can be misused (eg. storing and overwriting system directories) is a choice of the end user, and can be easily mitigated introducing a "restore to alternate path"  feature, like in Winzip or other compression tools.

    Devs, would you please reconsider that?

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-11

    I am proposing a solution to answer "store full paths" dilemmas once and for all. I kindly ask mr. Pavlov to look at it, considering there are so many people asking for it. As for any fellow users, I invite you to vote for (or against) it.

    In the examples below, "-fullpaths" activates new logic, while "-prefix" sets the prefix for the filenames being added. "-prefix" can be applied as many times as neccessary (e.g. for each directory being added to archive).

    Example 1: 7z a x.7z -fullpaths C:\dir1\dir2 D:\dir1\dir3

    Adding C\dir1\dir2\file1.txt
    Adding C\dir1\dir2\file2.txt
    Adding D\dir1\dir3\file3.txt
    Adding D\dir1\dir3\file4.txt

    Example 2: 7z a x.7z -fullpaths -prefix a\b C:\dir1\.\dir2 -prefix c\d D:\dir1\.\dir3

    Adding a\b\dir2\file1.txt
    Adding a\b\dir2\file2.txt
    Adding c\d\dir3\file3.txt
    Adding c\d\dir3\file4.txt

    The main difference from existing command line scanning logic is that the switches and file names may be intermixed. This should not cause a confusion, except for the need to escape "-" if it appears as the first character of a file name. (To be precise, we need escaping for @, too!)

  • zerver

    zerver - 2014-01-15

    This feature is essential mainly when creating an archive from the search results obtained using windows explorer. For example, you want to backup all files in a folder tree that have a recent modification date, so you sort the results by date and then select a number of files from the top of the list and try to add them to a 7-zip archive. The lack of "full path info" then makes it impossible to unzip the backed up files to the correct locations, and you also get problems with duplicate file names.

  • Dmitry Katsubo

    Dmitry Katsubo - 2014-07-10

    The lack of "full path info" then makes it impossible to unzip the backed up files to the correct locations, and you also get problems with duplicate file names.

    I fully agree with this statement as I am facing the same problems. I also miss the option to preserve full paths.

  • john lee

    john lee - 2014-07-10

    Wasn't there a switch (-s??) to do this in a previous alpha? Does it still exist/work? John

  • feeks

    feeks - 2014-07-10

    -spf is referred to in the v7.32 alpha help file but when dumping the command line switches -spf is not available testing indicates supported functionality. Beware the warnings from the help file and Igor

    Last edit: feeks 2014-07-10

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