7-zip support in GNOME

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    ""The GNOME archive manager can now open more types of archive, including AR, Debian, and 7-zip archives, and password-protected RAR archives.""


    I found this on the GNOME  2.10 what's New page


    It looks like 7-zip is spreading faster by the day :-)
    but I could not find other references  to the fact, so cross your fingers.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      nice .. still not mentioning of encrypted 7-zip and if its with lzma support or not..


      • my space

        my space - 2005-03-10

        Gnome provides fileroller as the program to handle archives.

        fileroller is a front-end to command line programs.

        fileroller uses p7zip (http://p7zip.sourceforge.net/) to support 7-zip archives.

        p7zip supports encrypted 7-zip so fileroller can support it.

        lzma is the default compression method of the 7-zip archive ...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      And yet, 7-zip still doesn't support Unix file attributes >_<

      • my space

        my space - 2005-03-10

        7-zip like zip, rar or winace is not a replacement of tar :(

        7-zip does not store NTFS attributes ...


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