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Lost Password

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    My encrypted file need a Password, but i lost it !!!

    Help.. please

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you lost your password - then nobody can help you!

      See also:

      Everyone can lost a password (but not a filekey)!
      Thats why, I told Igor the idea of a "filekey encryption"!
      But there was no reaction from Igor Pavlov.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you change, delete or lose a filekey, you will be singing the same tune.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If its a zip file try PicoZip.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      > If you change, delete or lose a filekey, you will be singing the same tune. <

      But as a filekey you can use an individuell file!
      For instance a personell picture, mp3, text file, ... .
      It's possible you don't remember a password.

      But it's impossibble you don't remember a file!!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >But it's impossibble you don't remember a file!!!

      lose the file, lose the data. change the file, lose the data. and yes, you can forget which file.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Not everyone is endowed with good memory.

      Surely one can lose/forget everything but you can have procedure in place to reduce the risks of lost and forgotton. For some people they employ  special names or folder that they can search; some poeple record on paper and locked away in safe place; Some people use key file with markers of some sort to remind agaist touching the file ( read only or whatever). 

      Of course, if one still delete and change, nobody can help. same apply with apsswrod record on paper locked away!

      In other word some way works better for some people. It may very well be passwrod is simpler and easier for you. But some other people find key files easier to work with.

      Some people cope with password with various security manager.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      So it is settled: none of the two methods is inherently better than the other :) so no argument exists against having them both... apart Igor's time availability,


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I suggest getting a password keeper. It keeps your passwords in a single encrypted file and provides a number of administrative functions. You only need to remember one password. KeePass is open source and a very good one.


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