How many betas until non-beta release?

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    a - 2005-02-17


    I suggested to use 7-zip instead of winzip at the place I work, once of the things the said against 7-zip is that it has not released any non-beta version since December 2003...

    I currently use last beta at home and at work (not officially) but, how is that so much time passes without a non-beta version? Are there very important bugs waiting to be corrected?

    PD: People at work continue to use cracked WinRAR xD

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      "PD: People at work continue to use cracked WinRAR xD"

      Well known fact ... people crack (mostly poor)
      comm. SW, while better free SW exists :D

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Why is the version of 2003 not good enough anymore? If it was good 2 years ago, what has changed?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I agree with the original post--there seem to be no roadmap for 7-zip, (and for that matter many OSS projects), so that a specific version just gets incremented as bugs are fixed or features added.  This to me seems to be the reason for a never-ending beta: If you've no roadmap to set targets on, then a projects version number can spiral.  Just look at the number of OSS projects that have versions like  Who thinks these numbers up?  What's more, these project are classed as 'stable' on Sourceforge!  If it's stable, then why the 0.0.xx version number?  Please, take a leaf out of Mozillas book, and implement a solid raodmap like Firefox/Thunderbird have.  Then you can call a version non-beta even if it hasn't had all features implemented/all bugs fixed, once you reach a milestone.  7-zip is currently experiencing feature-creep.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Most projects clearly mark a release as stable or testing. 7-zip has 3.13 right on the frontpage. Its a version that people have been using since 2003 and all the known bugs are fixed.
        I really don't get the problem here.
        Projects like Firefox and Gaim only use the version number 1.0 to please the kind of people who don't like a 0.97 versionnumber.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I don't think Firefox etc do version numbers to please their audience--I think they do them to clearly state a roadmap.  You're right that 3.13 is stable and non-beta, but the issue is not with 3.13, the issue is that 4.xx is classed as beta but features are still being added and there seems no end in sight.  If the author clearly stated his intentions then there woulodn't be a problem.  Betas are used to test functionality and fix critical problems before a final release.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      it is just that nobody decided beforehand how and  under which condition a version number should change and keep consistent (if you think that nero burning rom is at version;
      7zip can maybe use a  scheme where increse of each number has a predetermined meaning that is clearly stated on the home page, so everybody can immediately understand if it is necessary to upgrade or not.

      For instance:

      the first number increases only in case of implementation of new features "ex novo" or large rewrites of code

      the second number increases upon smaller changes/additions, such as a new compression method (recently added shrink support would end here) or a reimplementation of a small module

      the third number increases as soon as a functionality critycal bug is fixed (for instance involving the algorithms internals),

      the fourth increases when trifling bugs are corrected or simple features added, such as 'automatic creation of extract folder' or 'wrong icon in file manager'.

      the only point is that whatever scheme is chosen it must be used consistently.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      7zip looks older xvid development ;-D
      Slow but with very big changes

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have to agree -- how do you get a version 4.15 beta without having a 4.0 stable, somewhere in there?

    • Stepho

      Stepho - 2005-02-26

      I think 4 marks the appearence of new features not available in 3.xx (in don't remember which ones), then the version number keep being incremented to 4.xx until theversion is considered stable.
      Like version 5.xx will give us, new compression methods for multimedia data and Recovery features.


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