Command-Line reference?

Petro Vich
  • Petro Vich

    Petro Vich - 2009-06-27

    Can someone direct me to information about how to use the executables and command-line options?

    Specifically I want to be able to set compression method with -m{Parameters} but what is a valid parameter?

    Here is the command-line usage below:

      a: Add files to archive
      b: Benchmark
      d: Delete files from archive
      e: Extract files from archive (without using directory names)
      l: List contents of archive
      t: Test integrity of archive
      u: Update files to archive
      x: eXtract files with full paths
      -ai[r[-|0]]{@listfile|!wildcard}: Include archives
      -ax[r[-|0]]{@listfile|!wildcard}: eXclude archives
      -bd: Disable percentage indicator
      -i[r[-|0]]{@listfile|!wildcard}: Include filenames
      -m{Parameters}: set compression Method
      -o{Directory}: set Output directory
      -p{Password}: set Password
      -r[-|0]: Recurse subdirectories
      -scs{UTF-8 | WIN | DOS}: set charset for list files
      -sfx[{name}]: Create SFX archive
      -si[{name}]: read data from stdin
      -slt: show technical information for l (List) command
      -so: write data to stdout
      -ssc[-]: set sensitive case mode
      -ssw: compress shared files
      -t{Type}: Set type of archive
      -v{Size}[b|k|m|g]: Create volumes
      -u[-][p#][q#][r#][x#][y#][z#][!newArchiveName]: Update options
      -w[{path}]: assign Work directory. Empty path means a temporary directory
      -x[r[-|0]]]{@listfile|!wildcard}: eXclude filenames
      -y: assume Yes on all queries

    • chornobyl

      chornobyl - 2009-06-27

      7z.exe a -m0=lzma:d=24m:fb=128 archive.7z file1.bin file2.bin
      and read the help file


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