BSOD at stopping process when unresponsive

  • stewox

    stewox - 2012-08-10

    CPU: Intel Corei5 2500K
    OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1
    RAM: 16 GB - no pagefile
    Ver: 9.20
    Compression: LZMA2
    Size of Word: 128
    Size of Dict: 128 MB
    CPE: 4

    I was doing a bit of a cleanup from tons of my data sorting and compressing it, found out i have compressed a few files doubled inside archive, so i extracted it as i deleted the source before, then i deleted out the unneeded stuff, updated some other files to include some extra stuff i found from sorting, thne recompressed pretty much the same thing upon which it crashed in middle, it was compressing one of the .vs files from samsung HDTV firmware extracted from exe (T-GASDEUC) It was compressing this before the other day so not sure if this is connected but this was the file displayed when it freezed thought the file path doesn't seem to be updating as fast it may moved to something else by then I was't looking at it, it was minimizued.


    There was no mem dump since I don't usually have pagefile enabled, only when some funky stuff happens when bsods keep coming then I turn it on to analyze.

  • Shell

    Shell - 2012-08-12

    This BSoD is the most common one and usually caused by hardware malfunction or a bad device driver. 7-Zip is almost certainly innocent in your case, but it is a great stress test. First, I would recommend you to test your RAM, either with Windows memory testing tool or with a third-party one. If you overclocked your computer, roll back to default frequencies and try running 7-Zip for a while.


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