WyldAnimal - 2014-01-12

Windows 8.1pr 64 bit OS
7Zip 9.20

I have several hundred ZIP files that use Passwords with the following Characters in them.
$ / & # ( ) ' % @ ? * + - _ ~ { }

here is an Example of a password: "HEA@VEN&he'll&a06#33$VGfi?re*"

7Zip reports Wrong password when I try to Extract the Files, and enter the password.

I can Right click the same Zip and use Windows Explorer. When prompted for the password, I enter the exact same password, and the files are extracted.

How can I get 7zip to extract the files from an archive that uses a password with these characters.

I get hundreds of these a week to process.
I receive the passwords list as an excel spread sheet with Filename as one column, ans password as another column.
I wrote a short Script to Loop through the File name, get the Matching password, and then command 7Zip to extract the files.

I tried both the command line version and the Gui Versions 9.20

"C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7za.exe" x "c:\myzips\Fname.zip" -p"HEA@VEN&he'll&a06#33$VGfi?re"
"C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zg.exe" x "c:\myzips\Fname.zip" -p"HEA@VEN&he'll&a06#33$VGfi?re

On files where the password does not contain any of these special characters, it works fine.
but on Files that contain these characters in the password, 7Zip reports wrong password.

90% of all the files use one or more of these characters.

I have asked that they Not create Archives with these characters in them, but I was told that they MUST use these as part of their Security suit.