Charset switches for UTF-8

  • Buzz

    Buzz - 2014-02-23

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to list the contents of a zip file with filenames inside that contain Chinese characters. The following commands all give garbled output:

    7z l -sccutf-8
    7z l -sccutf-8 > out.txt
    7z l -scsutf-8

    However, the following command is successful

    7z l -scsutf-8 > out.txt

    I thought -scs is only for list files. Why doesnt -scc work in this case?

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2014-02-24

    Both commands
    7z l -scsutf-8 > out.txt
    7z l > out.txt
    will output to out.txt in DOS (OEM) encoding.

    -sccutf-8 will output in UTF-8 encoding. Use the editor that supports UTF-8 encoding.


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