7-Zip speed and compression

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Take a look at the new multiple file test results over at Maximumcompression.com.


    7-Zip compression ratio and speed are poor compared to WinRAR on this particular test. 7-Zip compression speed (604 seconds) is particularly slow compared to WinRAR (204 seconds). Can someone please explain why WinRAR seems so much better than 7-Zip?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      As the author of the test explains, Winrar outdoes 7-zip because of its multimedia filters, which 7-zip at this point in time lacks completely.

      As for the speed, 7-zip has always been slower than Winrar. Its the price you pay for a more advanced compression algorithm that supports much higher dictionary sizes. It may not seem to be a better compressor from that test, but if you tried it on data for which Winrar does not have filters for, or data with long-range redundancy you would see the significant difference.

      Multimedia filters for 7-zip will be added in version 5.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        And multimedia files are compressed faster with the right filters, thats also a reason why winrar was faster.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I prefer uharc 0.6 than winrar 3.4x (uharc its freeware and only 110 kb's)


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